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Marius: You saved me, Monsieur! I owe you my life.
Valjean: No thanks. I’ve seen it and I’m not impressed.
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a nice photoset of lucy liu looking like a queen and jonny lee miller looking like a dingus

accurate summary of the show too tbh

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"The truth is, everyone likes to look down on someone. If your favorites are all avant-garde writers who throw in Sanskrit and German, you can look down on everyone. If your favorites are all Oprah Book Club books, you can at least look down on mystery readers. Mystery readers have sci-fi readers. Sci-fi can look down on fantasy. And yes, fantasy readers have their own snobbishness. I’ll bet this, though: in a hundred years, people will be writing a lot more dissertations on Harry Potter than on John Updike. Look, Charles Dickens wrote popular fiction. Shakespeare wrote popular fiction - until he wrote his sonnets, desperate to show the literati of his day that he was real artist. Edgar Allan Poe tied himself in knots because no one realized he was a genius. The core of the problem is how we want to define “literature”. The Latin root simply means “letters”. Those letters are either delivered - they connect with an audience - or they don’t. For some, that audience is a few thousand college professors and some critics. For others, its twenty million women desperate for romance in their lives. Those connections happen because the books successfully communicate something real about the human experience. Sure, there are trashy books that do really well, but that’s because there are trashy facets of humanity. What people value in their books - and thus what they count as literature - really tells you more about them than it does about the book."
— Brent Weeks (via victoriousvocabulary)
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i was ready to just scroll past like “haha grammar humor” but then it was weird al and i,

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Okay, but if I lived in a universe where everyone’s soulmate’s future first words to them were magically tattooed on them, I would absolutely greet everyone for the first time with a random 20 digit number. And I bet standard canned greetings would have never even been a thing in that society. Instead of “Hello” or “Pleased to meet you,” every conversation starter would be an exercise in inventing a truly original sentence.

And of course, people would have to guard their tattoos in case of soulmate fraud, make sure no one could pretend to be their soulmate and like steal all of their money and shit. Hell, getting an actual tattoo (of words at least, if not any ink at all) would probably be a serious crime. 

…I should probably stop trying to destroy all the romance of the AU I’m trying to write amusing, fluffy McShep fic for.

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“uh oh” i whispered as i began to ship it

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doomstruck-dark said: wats the boops





these r the boops

its scientific name is boops boops


it gets better


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